Have you seen us on BBC inside out? We've been to Iceland to investigate the fish industry there.

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We've been away with the BBC team in Iceland, talking about the fishing industry and what the European referendum might mean for us.

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Pengelly's have a long tradition of sourcing and serving the finest Cornish fish available anywhere in the UK.

For almost half a century Pengelly's of Looe have been supplying local people and the finest Cornish restaurants with the freshest selection of fish and shellfish from the day-boat fleet of Looe and Polperro.

Fishing in Looe, circa 1950

The unique conditions in Looe harbour make the fishing community entirely dependent on the tide in order to set out and return to the quayside. As a result a fleet of small day-boats developed over the years, with the fishermen departing and returning the same day. This means that the fish sold on Looe Quay is among the freshest and highest quality in the United Kingdom.

Our fish comes from sustainable stocks, fished using traditional methods in harmony with the environment

One wonderful thing about depending on the day-boat fleets is that, unlike most of the fish available in supermarkets and other retailers, our fishermen use traditional techniques when harvesting the Cornish stocks.

Sustainable, line-caught, Cornish bass

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Most of our fish is line-caught in small numbers, and our net-caught fish are captured using small, non-destructive, netting techniques. This not only means that the fish is of the highest standard, and doesn't spend hours getting crushed in cramped netting, but that the Cornish stocks are never over-depleted allowing new generations of fish and shellfish to maintain the numbers and health of south-west fisheries.

Jackie and Angie are professional, life-long fishmongers, who sell the finest fish to the highest standards for your enjoyment.

Angie and Jackie, fishmongers extraordinaire

Most of the fish available in the UK has quite a journey before it reaches your frying pan. Not so with Pengelly's. Angie and Jackie source their fish direct from the quayside, next door to the shop. They pick the best quality fish from the most highly regarded stocks in the UK, fillet and prepare them perfectly to your needs, giving you the piece of mind that you're not only enjoying the best fish and shellfish available in the UK, but that you're supporting the local fishing industry and the Cornish fish stocks at the same time.