This dish is terribly simple to cook, yet tasty and sophisticated. Tweaked slightly it's also the perfect option to introduce children to the joys of fish and seafood... just stick cocktail sticks into each bite and kids will love it!



Prior to cooking, heat up a pot of slightly salted water for the vegetables. Wash the monkfish and dry each piece in kitchen roll. Cut the monkfish into bite-sized pieces, about an inch square. Finally season each piece with a little sea salt and a twist of pepper, before wrapping a single piece of pancetta around each one.

The finished monkfish dish

If asparagus isn't in season this dish will work with any other green vegetable. Try it with finely chopped runner beans, French beans or tenderstem broccoli. The same technique works with other whitefish, such as thick cod fillet or sea bass and, if you're on a budget, it works perfectly with hake for a tasty, inexpensive, treat.

Photography by Helena Bliss Photography