How to cook fish fillets - the first step to perfect fish cookery

How to cook fish fillets

One of the simplest ways to cook great fish, is to use fish fillets. At Pengelly's Angie and Jackie take astonishing pride in the way they prepare their fillets, so you can be sure the skin is fully scaled and all the pin bones are removed. An ideal introduction to fish for children and, with some judicious use of sauces, the perfect centrepiece to a haute cuisine meal.

How to cook the perfect moules mariniere, a top-class meal requiring basic skills (coming soon)

Cooking shellfish

Often one of the more expensive items on a restaurant menu, mussels in white wine or cider sauce is surprisingly simple to cook, and the techniques are easily applied to other shellfish as well. Additionally, mussels in season are a cheap and delicious ingredient, and take minutes to cook.

Perfect pan-fried scallops are easier to cook than you might think, and make an exceptional starter for any beautiful meal.

The perfect way to cook scallops

Scallops, cooked properly, are among the best ways to start a delicious meal. Yet cooking them correctly is littered with pitfalls, and stories of rubbery or underdone scallops abound - even in restaurants. Doing them right, though, is simpler than you think. It's a matter of keeping a sharp eye on them, watching the timing, and being brave enough to stop them when they're just about done.